More One offers Self-service, Security, Branch Transformation and Digital Innovation solutions, consulting and services.

With more than 20 years of experience in the banking, Retail and Public Administration sector, More One has always worked alongside its customers to accompany and support them in the process of continuous innovation and to ensure that even the most advanced technologies can be adopted in a simple, effective and timely manner.

• More One was established in 2003 as a reseller of self-service systems for banking and Data Warehouse solutions for the PA, following on from years of experience gained in these sectors. Since its inception, the company has been operating all throughout Italy, collaborating with leading brands in the sector.

• In 2012, More One entered into a partnership with Wincor-Nixdorf for the banking world, becoming a reseller and service provider. Since then, More One has become increasingly specialised in Self-service banking solutions, Cash Management and Cash handling Devices, Branch Transformation solutions and the autonomous implementation of technological systems and  layouts, representing a diversification factor of prime importance, offering the advantage of having a single, precise and reliable partner.

• In 2018, following the merger of Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold, More One further consolidated its self-service and branch transformation activities bymanagement and specialized terminals.

“Thousands, even millions, of people work, produce and squirrel away, despite everything we can invent to impede, block and discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them, not merely the thirst for gain. The hunger, the pride of seeing your company prosper, obtain credit, inspire trust in ever-larger customers, expand the plants, all constitute a springboard for progress that is just as powerful as the gain itself. Otherwise, how can one explain that there are entrepreneurs who, within their own company, devote all their energies and invest all their capital only to oftentimes draw profits that are far more modest than they could surely and comfortably earn with other jobs.”  Luigi Einaudi

This is what motivates Alessandro Memmi, as founder of More One, to innovate and invest together with his valuable collaborators, paying great attention to sustainable development.