• Turn-key Installation services of over 1000 ATM, including logistics, on site activities on wall, doors, windows or any other office layout, LAN network alarm and  video surveillance systems, armored boxes.
  • Multi-year Maintenance contract for Banknote sorting machines.
  • Production of boxes for self-service stations in drive-up mode
  • Realisation of a Self-service Corner
  • Realisation of Project Tracking and Tracing
  • Realisation of a Telematic Postman Project
  • Supply of approximately 8,000 banknote detectors to a single customer
  • Rollout plans spanning around 20 years of operation for more than 10,000 ATM devices
  • Construction of the most important network of Telepresence Video Communication Rooms in Europe, with over 30 rooms all being interconnected
  • Production of over 400 bank branches nationwide
  • ATM support all throughout Italy’s central-south
101, 2024

More One – ZTF merger

More One announces merger with ZTF: a new era of innovation and services.

More One, is pleased to announce its merger with ZTF s.r.l., an emerging company in the field of specialized security solutions and cash management. This union marks the beginning of a new era of innovation and integrated services for our customers.

The merger combines the expertise and resources of both companies to offer an even broader range of specialized products and services for the Banking, Government, Retail and Petrol environments.  Customers of both companies will now have access to a wide range of expertise, products and services, from specialized security solutions for ATMs and Petrol solutions, to Cash Management systems for Retail, integrated logistics and after-sales services. This merger is an important step for us and for our customers, said Alessandro Memmi, CEO of More One. By joining forces with ZTF, we can offer even greater added value, with innovative solutions and comprehensive support that responds to the ever-changing needs of the market.

The new entity will operate under the name of More One s.r.l. and will retain the offices and resources of both More One and ZTF, ensuring continuity in services and products for existing customers and attracting new ones. We are excited about this new phase and look forward to the future, where we will continue to drive innovation and offer superior solutions to our customers.

1412, 2022

ISO 37.001 Certification

More One obtains ISO 37.001 Certification

More Ones, always attentive to ethical and social aspects as well as qualitative and environmental ones, adds  another important achievement in its  Certification path.   After Quality, Safety at work, Social Accountability and Environmental management, a new important goal has been reached with the certification according to ISO 37001 which guarantees an organizational system and a set of processes aimed at preventing and combating corruption.

106, 2022

Constitution of FKM SCARL

More One joins forces with Focelda and KFI and create the FKM Consortium

The common objective of the project is to cope with the continuous and profound transformations of the market through the union and sharing of highly complementary skills and resources and being able to seize together even more important and stimulating challenges.

Focelda Spa, present since 1983 on the Italian IT market, operates in the distribution of Computer Science and Consumer Electronics. A reference supplier for most operators in the sector, the company has now over 8000 active customers and a portfolio of over 250 brands.

KFI Srl, is a system integrator with a history of success and continuous growth. Founded in 1991, it is the reference point for companies that need to optimize management processes along all phases of the Supply Chain: production, logistics and distribution.

More One completes the circle with over twenty years of experience in self-service banking and postal solutions, solutions for customer management through physical branches and digital technologies and with its strong competences in the field of turnkey logistics and installation services and the realization of technological infrastructure and fittings.

Among the main objectives of the new Consortium is the participation in Public and Private tenders with particular interest in the implementation of projects included in the PNRR in the health and public administration sectors for modernization and digitization.

“I am sure that FKM will be able to offer an important contribution to the achievement of the PNRR objectives, providing solutions and enabling technologies, commented Alessandro Memmi, CEO of More One. We will only focus on the quality of products and services, our goal, fully shared with Giovanni Palmese, CEO of Focelda and Carlo Caserini, President of KFI, is to combine business objectives with attention to the territory and social responsibility; we are a consortium of 100% Italian Companies and we are particularly keen to make our contribution to the modernization of the country “.

2210, 2021

Opening of the new office in Milan area

More One opens a new office in the metropolitan area of Milan

More One opens its new operational branch in Trezzano sul Naviglio, just outside Milan. The location, already operational since the end of July, is an important path forward to support the company’s growth plans, both in the commercial fields as well as in the technical area, becoming the headquarters of More One Technical Assistance Centre. Thanks to the availability of a large warehouse area, the location is also the main logistics centre for northern Italy, thus strengthening the internal structure dedicated to the delivery of logistics and installation services throughout the country.

1510, 2021

ISO 45.001 Certification

Occupational health and safety management systems ISO 45.001 certified.

More One has completed its Company certification process achieving also the ISO 45.000 Certification, complementing the other certifications already acquired in the fields of Quality, with ISO 9.001, of Environmental Management with ISO 14.001 and of Social Accountability with the SA8000. This last piece completes a process started a few years ago and which has led More One to adopt an organizational structure and a set of processes increasingly aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of its production cycle, combined with careful environmental management, and in the most strict compliance with occupational health and ethical and social aspects.

1412, 2020

SA8000 Certification

Social Responsibility SA8000 certified

The company Certifications achieved by More One continue to increase. We are proud to announce that Social Accountability SA8000 is now added to the previously attained ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 certifications on quality management systems and careful environmental management. This is the crowning of a journey started over 6 months ago, that transform into a concrete Management Model adopted by the company, the guiding principles of More One, allways oriented toward human resources develompent and protection, being internal personnel or part of organisations with which we operate.

110, 2020

Environmental certification

Environmental management systems ISO 14.001 certified

More One has always paid the utmost attention to environmental management and the achievement of ISO 14.001 certification is the concrete evidence of the attention and relevance we devote to this topic.

1802, 2020

Banks – Business

Banks – Business

RBR recognises Diebold Nixdorf as a global leader in the Automated Deposit Terminal (ADT) market in its 2019 Deposit Automation and Recycling study

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