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The Kaithron product family is the result of over 20 years of experience in the production of safe locking systems.
Its versatility, together with the wide choice of programmable functions, the intuitive user interface, the different remote connection options, the availability of up to 32 additional locks connection and the patented emergency opening system, have led to the success of this product line, able to meet even the most advanced requirement of the market.
There are 2 available models:
Kaithron, certified EN 1300:11 ICIM 70R012 Grade C
Junior Kaithron, certified EN 1300:11 ICIM 70R012 Grade B
Both models are connected to the Kaithron SW Manager for easier system programming. The Kaithron version provide also remote management functions with secure data encryption, for a full central control and management of the locks and all connected security devices.


Thanks to the joint experiences of More One and ZTF, several specialized security solutions are available for different environments:
• ATM Security Solutions
• OPT Security Solutions
• Safe Security & Automation


ATM Security

MOSS (More One Security System) is the most complete and modular solution today available on the market. It integrates several independent components, from the locking system, to the staining system, to the double Shutter designed to prevent gas & solid explosive attacks, to the most advanced sensor kit, all managed by a single remotely connected control system.
The remote connection is the real innovative component of the solution that allows a full central control, enabling the remote change of the configuration setting of the various security components to adapt to new types of fraud and attack as well as monitoring functions of all devices. All this is made possible by a secure LAN connection with enhanced data encryption.


OPT Security

OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) columns are particularly exposed to robberies and burglary attacks due to their cash content and their central position within the petrol station.
More One has developed its own banknote staining solutions that are specifically designed to fit the most common OPT terminals in the domestic market.
These solutions have widely demonstrated their effectiveness on the market, acting as strong deterrence factor against fraudulent attacks. They are easy to install in the heterogeneous installed stations and eliminate all collateral damage generated by burglary attacks.


Safe Security & Automation

Thanks to the design and innovation capabilities that has characterized the entire history of ZTF, from its foundation to the recent merger with More One, many security and automation devices or upgrade kits are today available for different types and models of safe and nightsafe. These solutions include:
• Automation for banknote introduction and/or banknote verification for different safe models.
• Anti-gas and anti-explosion systems.
• Sensor kits for safe with centralized management system.
• Staining systems for heterogeneous devices.

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Cash Management

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The experience achieved by More One together with ZTF in the Retail and Banking sectors on systems and processes related to cash management, makes us a reference partner for the introduction of advanced technologies in these areas.
Two solutions are available for the automation of cash deposits for the back office of small and medium-sized retail stores or for logistics offices that need to manage the collections of couriers and customers:
• Safe Cash M1, for the management of cashed banknotes
• Safe Cash M1 Cash & Coin, for the management of banknotes and coins.
Both solutions enable a total and immediate control of all daily cash income, store it safely, and optimize all accounting, balancing and reporting processes, connecting both to the cash register and to the bank or Cash in transit company.

Specialized Peripherals

Thanks to our own experience and many years of collaboration with market-leading Brands, we are able to provide customized solutions for specific needs related to processes automation in the banking, retail and public administration industries.
Our areas of specialization focus on:
• Countertop, cash management systems such as banknote counters, sorters and validators, as well as cash deposit or reciycling systems
• Customer acceptance and queue management systems
• Digital Signage and multimedia terminals
• Specialized Printers and Scanners

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