The modern banking system must be there for its customers 24 hours a day, with increasingly integrated solutions, offering an advanced, intuitive and effective customer experience for all points of contact with customers, be it via mobile, e-banking, self-service or in-branch. The emergence of the pandemic is changing our daily habits and will have an impact for many months to come. Now more than ever, the branch needs to be rethought and redesigned, to ensure maximum safety for customers and employees whilst also becoming the central hub for supporting a growing digitisation, as a point of consultation, support and development.

More One has many years of experience in developing solutions. We design and set up bank branches, product showcases and installations designed to present brands, products and services as well as to welcome customers safely and smartly. The refined spaces we create leave an indelible mark in the customer’s mind. We model the moods of the audience through multi-sensory experiences that leverage the most cutting-edge technological devices.

Public Administration

Modern IT solutions help PAs be closer to the citizen user. The comfort and convenience of the citizen depend on the security of the systems that process sensitive data, their accessibility and ease of use. More One has been developing tailored solutions for the central administration and advanced products for local administrations for years. All solutions meet the highest security requirements. We are also a reliable supplier and a trusted partner for public institutions.


Telephone, energy and other utility companies must increasingly communicate with their customers at any point in time and through a variety of means. That is why it is imperative to have access to state-of-the-art technologies for all contact channels that are easy to use, reliable and interconnected. More One’s experience in banks, with the public administration, with customer management systems, processes through self-service devices and our cash management solutions render us a key partner for most utility companies.