Banking and Fintech

Modern Financial Institutions must assist customers 24 hours a day with increasingly integrated solutions and offering an enhanced, easy-to-use and effective customer experience; the branch must be rethought and redesigned, to ensure maximum security for customers and employees, become the driver for growing digitalization, with a central role of consulting, support and relationship building for their customers.

More One has many years of experience in the development and design of self service implementations, in the setup of bank branches or specific technological areas, customer acceptance zone and digital signage solutions. We support our customers in the introduction of new technologies in their work environments, from the selection and supply of best technological solution fitting their needs, to the customization and installation phase.

Public Administration

Modern IT solutions help PAs be closer to the citizen users. The comfort and convenience of citizens depend not only on the quality and quantity of the services provided, but also on their accessibility and ease of use. More One has been developing tailor-made solutions for central and local administration for years. We provide consulting, implementation and installation of IT solutions that facilitate the operation of citizens and employees, whether they are related to traditional assisted workplace, self-service environment, customer acceptance and queue management zone, multimedia areas, or digital signage. Our technological enhancement services can help transform traditional sites into smart buildings with solutions such as mechatronic access systems, advanced security and video surveillance solutions, structured wiring, up to high efficiency air quality management solutions.

Retail & Other Markets

Every Company in direct contact with Consumers increasingly need to talk to their customers at any time and through any means. That’s why it’s so important to have access to cutting-edge technologies easy to use, reliable, secure and interconnected for all contact channels.

The experience achieved by More One in the Banking and Public Administration sectors in the areas of Self Service, cash management and electronic payments, makes us a reference partner for the introduction of advanced technologies in these fields. Our strong technological competence, combined with turnkey installation and set-up services, will allow you a seamless introduction of new technologies in your environment.