More One announces merger with ZTF: a new era of innovation and services.

More One, is pleased to announce its merger with ZTF s.r.l., an emerging company in the field of specialized security solutions and cash management. This union marks the beginning of a new era of innovation and integrated services for our customers.

The merger combines the expertise and resources of both companies to offer an even broader range of specialized products and services for the Banking, Government, Retail and Petrol environments.  Customers of both companies will now have access to a wide range of expertise, products and services, from specialized security solutions for ATMs and Petrol solutions, to Cash Management systems for Retail, integrated logistics and after-sales services. This merger is an important step for us and for our customers, said Alessandro Memmi, CEO of More One. By joining forces with ZTF, we can offer even greater added value, with innovative solutions and comprehensive support that responds to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Alessandro Memmi, CEO of More One commented: “The acquisition first and then the merger with ZTF represents the most significant transaction in the history of More One, testifying to the commitment made to increase our market share in the cash management and security segments which are constantly growing. More One, with its experience in these markets of over 20 years of activities, through this merger will further consolidate its positioning and fully implement our strategy to provide our customers with integrated and enhanced solutions and services. We welcome the management team and all employees and are delighted that ZTF in 2023 has achieved results in line with our expectations. Full control of proprietary security solutions combined with the remote management capabilities will allow us to further advance in the implementation of our growth strategy and in the area of specialized cash collection solutions”.

Thanks to the strategy of strong integration between products and services, More One will consolidate its leadership position in the market by being able to offer its customers enhanced added value, with innovative solutions and complete support services that respond to the continuous evolution requests.

The new entity will operate under the name of More One s.r.l. and will retain the offices and resources of both More One and ZTF, ensuring continuity in services and products for existing customers and attracting new ones. We are excited about this new phase and look forward to the future, where we will continue to drive innovation and offer quality and increasingly cutting-edge solutions.