Self-Service & Security

  • We provide consulting and solutions related to self-service and security environments:
  • Supply and integration of specialized peripherals for ATM and self-service systems such as check and document scanners, specialized printers, coin management, with on-site or warehouse installation options
  • ATM Security Solutions:
    ◦ Anti-explosion solutions
    ◦ Anti-manipulation solutions
    ◦ Anchoring solutions
  • Design, construction, and installation of special equipment for Self Service systems:
    ◦ Standard and ad-hoc plinths and windows frame
    ◦ Tailored windows or armored walls for TTW installations
    ◦ Freestanding Boxes for ATM and Self-service, in light or armored version
    ◦ Self service Zone
    ◦ Technological Corners
  • Turnkey installation services
  • Roll Out Projects Management

Turn Key Installation

  • We cover the entire service chain of the asset life cycle: from arrival in the warehouse to the installation at the end customer up to collection and scrapping:
  • Logistics services:
    ◦ Several warehouses distributed throughout the country, automated and structured to manage goods of various types, including heavy and bulky objects, such as safes, ATMs and armored boxes
    ◦ availability of technological staging areas and qualified personnel for activities such as tests, SW installations, technological upgrades, on-center installation of specialized peripherals and security solutions, etc.
    ◦ Fleet of own vehicles for transportation and positioning of different types of technological devices.
  • Project management services for big and complex roll out projects
  • Site inspections carried out through highly qualified personnel and customized reporting according to customer requirements
  • Management of administrative and authorization procedures with the competent bodies, on behalf of the customer
  • Design and implementation of any site activity including:
    ◦ ad-hoc equipment such as special frames, windows, access ramps, works on masonry, plasterboard or armored walls
    ◦ electrical installations, Lan, alarms, video surveillance
    ◦ accessories such as adaptation frames for TTW systems, fixed or adjustable plinths, distribution plates
  • Installation of technological devices such as ATM, Self Service, Safe, Self checkout, Vending machine.
  • Disposal and scrapping services of obsolete or damaged devices and resulting material, allowed by our registration in the Italian Register of Environmental Managers (Albo Gestori Ambientali)
  • Collection of reusable devices with transport and consignment warehouse services
  • Reconditioning, refurbishment, and upgrade services
  • IMAC Services

Technological innovation

  • Design and implementation of new layouts, for the self-service zone or other specific area of banks, offices, or points of sale
  • Design and implementation of multimedia video consulting areas or rooms
  • Consulting, selection, and supply of specialized peripherals for workstations and related consumables
  • Consulting and supply of solutions for customer reception, queue management, multimedia displays and digital signage
  • Solutions for the technological site upgrade and smart building transformation:
    ◦ digital and remote access control
    ◦ IoT sensory
    ◦ air quality control and management
  • Body temperature detection systems
  • Sanitation solutions
  • Installation and maintenance of technological devices
  • Implementation of electrical, LAN, alarms, and video surveillance systems with related certifications
  • Roll Out Projects Management

Cash Handling

  • Consulting services on cash management processes for the banking, PA and retail markets
  • Supply of cash processing solutions for small Retail stores, with automated management solution for banknotes and coins at the cash desk
  • Device installation and maintenance service
  • Roll Out Projects Management