• Consulting on processes for automation and self-service equipment

  • Providing self-service solutions

  • Security solutions

  • Device installation and maintenance service

  • Fleet management service

  • Realisation of Self-service, Box and Corner Areas

  • Rollout project management

Cash handling

  • Consulting services for automation and control processes in compliance with ECB regulations on self-service and counter cash management.

  • Providing cash processing solutions

  • Device installation and maintenance service

  • Rollout project management

Technology innovation and branch layout

  • Branch transformation consulting services.

  • Designing and constructing new layouts for the entire branch, self-service area or specific zones

  • Design and realisation of multimedia video consulting areas

  • Consultancy and provision of workstation peripherals and related consumables
  • Consultancy and provision of solutions for reception management, queue management and multimedia Digital Signage

  • Body temperature detection systems

  • Device installation and maintenance

  • Rollout project management

IT services

  • Creation of structured wiring and optical fibres

  • Supply and installation of multimedia systems

  • Device assistance and maintenance

  • Consultancy and Professional Services for migration activities and project management

  • Video surveillance systems

  • IT logistics

  • Rollout project management